Brand: ARNY
Number: 18788

7" monitor with WiFi, video doorphone with 2 call panels, PAL / NTSC color system, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, call to smartphone (up to 5 pcs), panel lock, free Android, iOS, possibility to record photos or videos on a microSD memory card, built-in power supply unit, design body, gray / black, body dimensions: 235x145x15 mm. 


Видеодомофон ARNY AVD-720M WiFi

ARNY AVD-720M video doorphone with WiFi – is a newest model with a set of modern technical characteristics, allowing to organize the access control to the room at the proper level. Attractive Hi-Tech design makes it possible to fit the device into any interior.

Видеодомофон ARNY AVD-720M WiFi

The most significant characteristics of the doorphone are listed below:

  • LCD TFT 7'' color display (16:9) with a resolution of 800x480 pixels
  • touch buttons that control basic functions
  • 2 channels for connecting call panels or video cameras
  • slot for connecting a MicroSD memory card up to 32GB
  • photo- or video records are saved on the memory card
  • LAN connector for connecting the Internet
  • WiFi connection via router
  • connection of up to 5 mobile devices.

Features of the IP video doorphone

The main function of this model is the identification and admission of visitors to the room. For this purpose, electronic locks and ARNY AVP-NG110orAVP-NG210,or other call panels are installed together with the doorphone .When you receive a call from the panel, the indicator corresponding to the active panel lights up, and the visitor's image appears on the screen. In order to answer the call, press the Talk button. Communication is carried out through hands free system. The talk time is limited to 2 minutes. Then you can open the lock and let the guest in. In addition, you can take photos or record 1-minute video clips manuaaly during a call. If the user does not press any button to answe a call, doorphone will switch to the stand-by mode in 60 seconds.

When called from the external panel, you can automatically capture photos or videos (this function is configured in the doorphone menu).

Access to the setup menu of the video doorphone, as well as access to photo- and video archives is possible only through PC.

It is also possible to monitor the territory in monitoring mode. To view it, just press the button corresponding to one of the panels. Within 1 minute you can see what is happening in front of the video camera. If the visitor is in the camera coverage, you can talk to him/her after pressing the Talk button and then open the door.

The IP video doorphone in question can be connected to the Internet via a LAN wire connection or via WiFi. This connection allows you to configure the doorphone via a PC, tablet or smartphone, as well as to exercise the remote access control from 5 mobile devices. In order to work with the doorphone through mobile devices, MobileEyeDoor + application available for iOS and Android must be installed on them. If you want to work through PC, you need HiCamSearcher_v1.1 utility   as well as the Internet browser.

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If you connect internal CCTV cameras with the current consumption of more than 200 mA or external cameras, you must use an external power supply unit.

Screen size, in.
white, silver, black
Communication method
hands free
w/o panel
Color system
Supply voltage, V
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