Terms & Conditions

1. General provisions and definitions

1.1 These general trading terms (hereinafter “GTT”) are applied to the business relationship between the customer and Bezpeka, s.r.o.,  with the legal address: Shpitalska 53, Bratislava 811 01; IČO №: 48 217 905 (hereinafter referred to as "operator" or "seller"), concluded through the electronic trading house systemwww.alarm24.sk (hereinafter "system").

1.2 GTT regulates the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract of sale concluded with the help of the website www.alarm24.sk between the seller and the customer.

1.3 Rights and obligations of the parties to the contract of sale are regulated by the rules of this contract, according to the provision § 588 and other taken with the provision § 612 and subsequent Act № 40/1964 СЗ of the Civil Code.

1.4 A customer is understood to be a physical or legal entity registered in the system, who/which, after its registration, has sent an electronic order processed by the trading system.

1.5 An electronic order is understood to be a sent electronic form containing information about the customer, a list of ordered products from an e-commerce offer and the price of these products, which is processed by the trading system or sent via e-mail to the seller's address.

2. Order

2.1 The condition for the validity of an electronic order is the true and complete filling of all data and requisites required by the registration form, including telephone contact.

2.2 All accepted electronic orders are considered to be a draft contract and are mandatory.

2.3 The contract of sale, on the basis of which the seller sells the product to the customer, arises on the basis of mandatory confirmation of the order in the system. An order confirmed by the seller by e-mail (or part thereof) is considered to be binding for both parties, if there is no violation of the conditions agreed upon at the time of confirmation, and at the same time business relations between the client and Bezpeka, s.r.o appear...

2.4 Essential conditions should be considered, in particular, the order summary (the exact specification of products and their quantity), the price of the product and transportation, the delivery method, the method of payment for the product.

2.5 While buying on a promotional basis, when the selected product is delivered free of charge, if there is a need to return the product on order and the need for a subsequent refund of a sum, the value of the product that was sent free of charge will be deducted from the position. This condition, however, does not apply when changing the size of product.

2.6 NOTICE: In terms of trading conditions and according to the paragraphs § 614 and § 420 Section 1 of the Act № 40/1964 СЗ of the Civil Code the customer must accept the product / cash on delivery / upon delivery as soon as possible. In accordance with the legislation of the Slovak Republic, we will demand compensation for damage caused by the nonacceptance of parcel by judicial means and, subsequently, with the help of a bailiff.

The penalty is 50% of the amount of your order.


3. Termination of an order

3.1 Termination of the order on the part of customer
The customer has the right to cancel the order without giving reasons at any time prior to its mandatory confirmation by the seller. Mandatory confirmation of the order will not occur only if the seller does not fulfill the agreed delivery conditions. In case of cancellation of the confirmed order, the customer must compensate the seller for the damage caused by this action. The seller uses the right to receive compensation for damage, especially in the case of the purchase of the product "to order", which was necessary at the request of the customer, or when in connection with the provision of the product explicit costs were incurred. The penalty for cancellation can be up to 50% of the total cost of the product(s).

3.2 Termination of the order on the part of seller

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part in the following cases:

  • in the event when it was not possible to confirm the order with payment by cash on delivery (phone number was incorrectly specified, the phone is not available, there is no response to emails, etc.)
  • in case the customer has not accepted the product in the past, or otherwise violated the trading terms
  • the products are no longer produced and are not delivered or the payment to the supplier of products has been changed essentially. In the event of such a case, the seller will immediately contact the customer to agree upon further actions. In the event when the customer has already paid part or all of the purchase price, this amount will be transferred back to his/her account or to the address within 15 calendar days.

4. Withdrawal from the contract of sale (merchandise trade)

4.1 Withdrawal from the contract of sale on the part of customer
under«the Consumer Right Protection Law» , while selling the product(s) or providing services on the basis of the contract concluded at a distance, or the contract concluded outside the commercial premises of the seller, and with the introduction of amendments to certain laws. Law № 102/2014 КЗ, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale within 14 working days from the moment of receipt of the product(s). When applying this right, the customer must comply with the conditions and procedure specified in clause 4.2. of GTT.

4.2 How to act in case of termination of a contract
In case of termination of the contract, the supplier will first return or compensate all mutually fulfilled obligations to the customer, and then the customer will return or compensate all mutually fulfilled obligations to the supplier.
If the client decides to terminate the contract within the period specified in clause 4.1, he/she must comply with the following conditions:

* contact us (contact) with a request for withdrawal from the contract indicating the order number, name and surname, date of purchase and your account number or address for refund.
* if the customer has already received and accepted the product(s), the customer has to send it back to our address specified in the contacts section on the following conditions:

  • the product must be in the original undamaged package (with undamaged protective film)
  • the product(s) must not be used
  • the product(s) must be intact
  • the set of product(s) must be complete (including a leaflet attached etc.)
  • invoice must be sent along with a purchase document

The customer-consumer is obliged to return the product(s) in full, with full documentation, intact, clean, if possible, including the original packaging, in the condition and at the cost the product(s) was accepted. In case the product(s) is returned incomplete or damaged, the seller can reduce the return price by the appropriate amount.

In case you decide to replace the product(s), claim a complaint or return it, you must send the product(s) to our address along with a copy of the invoice.

If all the above mentioned conditions for the return of the product(s) are fulfilled, we will send you the money for the good to your account, and not later than 30 calendar days after the physical receipt of the product(s).

The product(s) must be sent by registered mail and be insured, as we are not be responsible for its possible loss on the way to us. Parcels will not be accepted by cash on delivery.

In case of failure to fulfill any of the above mentioned conditions, the termination of the order will not be accepted, and the product(s) will be returned at the expense of the sender.

5. Price conditions

5.1 The price of the products on the web-site is final

5.2 Prices for mail and packaging services are indicated in clause 6

5.3 The customer can make payments in the following currencies: EURO

5.4 The customer can pay in cash on delivery when the product(s) is received from the courier.

6. Mail and packaging services

6.1 Bezpeka, s.r.o. determines the payment for postal and packaging services in the amount of 5 €.

6.2 The price of postal services is indicated including VAT.

6.3 Postal and packaging costs for deliveries to the territory of the European Union Member States Member States and, if necessary, other states are determined individually, on the basis of a written agreement (by e-mail) between the customer and the seller.

7. Conditions and possibility of payment for the product(s)

7.1 One-time transfer from the account to the bank account of Bezpeka, s.r.o. indicated in the e-mail.  

7.2 While the price for the delivered products is not be paid in full, the seller has the right to suspend further deliveries of the products until the price is paid in full.

8. Terms and Conditions of Delivery

8.1 In accordance with the availability of the products and production capabilities of the seller, delivery of the subject of payment (ordered product) will be made as soon as possible. Availability of the product(s) is indicated in the home page.

8.2 Each client will be informed of all changes in the order status by email or phone. You can check the order status after you registration in the system.

8.3 The product(s) is delivered by courier to the address specified by the customer in the order. A package with the product(s) always contains an invoice.

8.4 The right of ownership to the product(s) is passed to the customer after the customer’s acceptance of the product(s) and payment of the purchase price.

8.5 We supply product(s) in the territory of the Slovak Republic only.

8.6 The delivery of product(s) to the territory of the European Union Member States, and if necessary, the other states, is carried out on the basis of prior consent and mutual written agreement on the price of postal and packaging costs and, if necessary, other terms of delivery between the customer and the seller.

9. Warranty Conditions and order for returning

9.1 This order for returning is applied to the products that were purchased from Bezpeka, s.r.o., and the return of which was made during the warranty period of 24 months as from the date of the product(s) purchase.

9.2 An invoice (sales document) is attached to every product purchased from Bezpeka, s.r.o., when it is delivered to the customer   which serves simultaneously as a guarantee document.

9.3 Upon acceptance of the product(s), the customer must check the following:

* whether it's a product that was ordered (if it's a product that was not ordered, do not unpack the product, do not open it, otherwise it will not be possible to change it)
* whether the product(s) is in undamaged condition, i. e. there are no obvious defects  
* whether all its (their) single parts function

The warranty does not cover defects of the product(s) caused by improper use, storage or damage to the product(s) by the customer. The packaging and the contents of the product must not be mechanically damaged (mechanical damage is such damage to the product(s) that could not have occurred under the proper use of the product(s) for the purposes which it (they) was (were) manufactured for).

The customer must send the returnable product(s) under the above mentioned conditions to this address strong>
Bezpeka, s.r.o.

Vajnorska 142, office 12

831 04 Bratislava  

10. Responsibility for mistakes on www.alarm24.sk

10.1 Bezpeka, s.r.o. warns that the information on www.alarm24.sk is partly owned by third parties, may contain inaccuracies, and can be updated without notice.

10.2 Bezpeka, s.r.o. can at any time, without prior notice, change the products and services described on its pages, and does not guarantee the subject correctness of their content.

10.3. Bezpeka, s.r.o. does not bear responsibility in regard to the other party for direct, indirect or special damages caused by the use of information from its own or reference websites.

11. Protection of personal information

11.1 Bezpeka, s.r.o. is fully guided by the law No. 122/2013 KЗ on the protection of personal data, as amended and supplemented to certain laws. Our company respects your privacy. However, we need to know some of your personal data, so that we can offer you valuable services. We protect these data against misuse and guarantee that we will never provide your contact information and data about your purchases to a third party.

11.2 Using this online store, you agree to the collection and use of information about yourself and your purchases on the above mentioned conditions. Upon your registration as a customer, news subscriber (i.e., newsletter), questionnaire participant and other questionnaire during registration, you automatically agree that you will be informed of updates in our online store by email or phone. If you do not want to receive this information in the future, you can stop receiving it at any time by means of actions indicated in each message sent.

11.3 Our online store reserves the right to withdraw from the security assurances, in the event of the attack by an unknown criminal (hacker). In this case only the above mentioned rules for the use of data are not applied.