Our company provides a range of services to ensure the computer security of the activities of commercial companies, as well as private individuals.

  • operating system diagnostics
  • correction of malfunctions
  • network administration
  • website optimization
  • website promotion
  • setup of wired or wireless equipment to access the Internet
  • antivirus software installation and update
  • recovery of lost data on digital media
  • troubleshooting via the Internet with remote access to a problem computer or laptop
  • data backup
  • personnel and user computer technology training
  • advisory services on the protection of information on the Internet
  • user training on the basics of information security
  • personnel training on safety protection of the commercial enterprise
  • personnel training on the installation of CCTV systems
  • personnel training on the installation of security systems
  • personnel training on the installation of doorphone systems
  • conduct trainings on modern security systems
  • advisory services on the optimal security system for a commercial enterprise / at-home use

The cost of services is negotiated. We flexibly treat the pricing depending on the order volume. Call us − we will agree on the price!