Brand: ARNY
Number: 19123

1000 TVL!!! Anti-vandal, surface mounting call panel, 48 х 133 х 19 mm, PAL. Viewing angle is 125°.Exclusive design. Color: stainless steel.


ARNY AVP-NG420 – is a surface mounting call panel for color video doorphones. It is compatible with doorphones manufactured by ARNY, Commax, Kocom and four-wire monitors of other manufacturers. It has an anti-vandal body and a camera lens protected by a shatterproof glass. For convenience to use it in the dark, the model is equipped with a call button lighting and IR illumination for camera.

Technical parameters of ARNY AVP-NG420 panel

  • 1000 TVL video camera resolution
  • 2.8 mm camera lens focus
  • viewing angle is 125°horizontally
  • 4-wire connection
  • normal and open electronic lock relay
  • automatic IR illumination, b / w mode
  • operating temperature range is from -30° to ~ +50° С
  • overall dimensions 48 (W) x133 (H) x19 (D) mm
  • weight: 350 g.

Features of ARNY AVP-NG420 call panel

Due to its characteristics, the panel is convenient in use and allows to easily recognize the person in front of it. The resolution of the 1000 TVL video camera provides a clear and bright image. 2.8 mm focal length of the camera lens provide the user with a 125° viewing angle, encompassing an observation area 200 cm wide, 115 cm high at a distance of 100 cm from the panel.

The device is easy to see in the dark, since it is equipped with LED backlight around the button. In order to get a high-quality video with reduced lighting, the camera automatically switches to black and white mode and turns on IR lighting.

In addition, the panel is equipped with a volume control, which makes it possible to adjust the sound in accordance with the surrounding conditions.

Some precautionary measures should be taken for effective and long-term call panel operation without breakdowns:

  • Do not install the device near sources with electromagnetic interference, in places with high humidity or temperature
  • Avoid installation under direct sunlight.
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