Brand: ARNY
Number: 18889

Anti-vandal, surface mounting video panel with wedge and protective visor, 42 x 140 x 30 mm, PAL. Exclusive design. Color: gray, copper, brown


ARNY AVP-05 video panel NEW —is a new version of the popular model made in three colors. The compact anti-vandal metal body is covered with high-quality paint, which protects from the negative influence of the external environment. The high quality of the transmitted video signal is provided by the sensor of new generation. The device is compatible with four-wire video doorphone manufactured byARNYand other brands.


The main design features of ARNY AVP-05 NEW call panel

  • metal vandal proof body
  • a strong call button
  • 420 TVL (PAL) video camera
  • wide-angle camera lens protected with shatterproof glass
  • microphone, loudspeaker and audio processor for hands-free communication
  • built-in electronic lock relay
  • automatic IR illumination
  • protective visor and wedge for angle adjustment are included in the kit.

For the best viewing angle, ARNY AVP-05 NEW call panel must be mounted at a height of 150-160 cm. The optimum place is–on the wall or on the fixed door wing. In this case, the device can be installed front-facing or at an angle on a special bracket. In order to protect the device against precipitation and direct sunlight, a visor is applied.

If the monitor and video panel are situated at a distance more than 30 m, it is recommended to use a coaxial cable when mounting. Maximum line length is— 50 m.

Operating principle of ARNY AVP-05 NEW call panel

The model is still easy and convenient in use. In order to signal about his/her arrival, the visitor presses the call button. An image from the video camera appears on the video doorphone screen. The guest can be easily recognized even at night, as the IR illumination automatically turns on when the lighting decreases.

If the owner wants to let the newcomer in, he/she can press the corresponding button, the relay will come into action and the lock will be open. If you need to talk to the visitor, it's easy to do through the audio system on the panel.

brown, copper, grey
Color system
Resolution, TVL
Number of channels
Swinging arm included
Camera position adjustment
Installation method
surface mounting
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