Brand: ARNY
Number: 19098

7" TFT monitor, memory block on SD card, video doorphone with 2 panels + 2 cameras, PAL/NTSC, built-in motion detector, panel lock, up to 4 AVD-410/709/710 monitors in parallel, additional video output to the monitor, 2 NO alarm inputs, updated design, graphic menu, white / black, 200x140x16 mm. 8GB SD card as a GIFT!!!


Key features of the ARNY AVD-710MD video doorphone

      ARNY AVD-710MD video doorphone –is a modern device with an excellent set of functions that allows the user to exercise not only access control, but also video surveillance with the possibility of record. This provides the user with additional security.

    Features of ARNY AVD-710MD

    The minimum set of the connected video door phone consists of the ARNY AVD-710MD monitor and, for example, ARNY AVP-NG210 call panel, orARNY AVP-NG110 call panel . A feature of the offered model is the possibility to create a multi-user system, which includes up to 4 monitors and 2 call panels. In this case, there is a main doorphone, and the rest are used as subordinates. It is the central device that call panels, additional video cameras, alarm sensors and a monitor can be connected to.

    Such a system allows the user to divert calls between monitors, talk and open doors to visitors from different rooms, use the doorphone as an intercom.

    When the panel receives a call, a guest image appears on the monitor screen. A photo is automatically taken and stored in the built-in memory. The photo can be taken manually during a call at any time. If the video recording function«is installed in the setup menu», then the video will be recorded on the SD card (SD card must be installed in the doorphone).

    In addition, images from cameras can be viewed and recorded in monitoring mode. Successive pressure«of the View button» display the shots from all connected video devices, and the record is done manually. If there are alarm sensors in the system, video recording from additional cameras can occur when these cameras are triggered.

    Adjustment of recording modes and other ARNY AVD-710MD parameters is made through the graphical menu in Russian with the help of side buttons.

    When connecting internal CCTV cameras with the current consumption of more than 200 mA or external cameras, an external power supply unit must be used.

  • TFT color screen with 16х9 aspect ratio and a diagonal of 7”
  • touch buttons on the front panel for managing basic functions
  • mechanical buttons for operations with menu and settings
  • hands-free device
  • built-in memory for 1000 records
  • SD card slot with a maximum capacity of 32 GB for storing video records
  • the possibility to connect two call panels
  • two video inputs for connecting video cameras
  • 2 inputs for alarm sensors
  • video output for connecting an additional monitor
  • possibility to combine up to 4 monitors in the system
  • built-in motion detector for 1 video channel

Screen size, in.
white, black
Communication method
hands free
w/o panel
Built-in memory
Color system
Supply voltage, V
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