Brand: ARNY
Number: 17634

4"TFT color monitor, a budget video doorphone with the possibility to connect 2 call panels and 1 video camera, PAL / NTSC color system, panl lock, up to 4 monitors in parallel, additional video output, compact design, white / black, 170x120x20 mm


ARNY AVD-410 video doorphone — is a budget model, possessing at the same time a wide range of functions that can supply all the wants of the majority of users. The device is small in size, which makes it convenient to place it in places with limited space.

Main technical specifications:

  • 4-inch color TFT display for displaying the video signal from the call panel
  • loudspeaker and microphone for sound and voice
  • control buttons for viewing a video, redirecting a call, opening a lock
  • side buttons for adjusting the volume and screen
  • connectors for connecting two video panels, CCTV video camera, CCTV monitor, as well as parallel connection of 3 additional monitors.

Performance features of the video doorphone

When a visitor presses the call button of the video panel on the doorphone and the panel, a signal sounds, and the image from the active camera is displayed on the doorphone screen. At this time, the user can press the Talk button and talk to a guest through the speakerphone. In this case, the conversation can last up to 120 seconds.If an additional video camera is installed, then pressing the Monitor button you can see the video from it. You can also press the button right away to open the lock and let the visitor in. The sound and the image will be active for another 20 seconds to make sure that the guest has entered.If you do not press a button when you call, the monitor will automatically switch to the standby mode after 60 seconds.

In order to view the space adjacent to the entrance door, you can use the monitoring mode. To do this, just press the appropriate button. Second pressure will switch the monitor to display a video from another connected camera. To get a high-quality image from a video doorphone, it's best to connect video panels produced by ARNY, for example,AVP-NG110orAVP-05, or compatible  call panels from other manufacturers.

If analogous additional monitors are connected to the doorphone, you can transfer the call from the video panel to another device and use the interphone function.

If you connect internal CCTV cameras with a current consumption of more than 200 mA or external cameras, you must use an external power supply unit.

Screen size, in.
Number of plug-in panels / cameras
white, black
Communication method
hands free
w/o panel
Touch screen
Touch buttons
Built-in memory
Memory cards support, GB
Phone line connection
GUI (graphical user interface)
OSD menu
Picture in picture
Color system
Supply voltage, V
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