Brand: ARNY
Number: 19149

Surface mounting electromechanical lock, 12V / 2,5 А (impulse), left / right, exit button lock, 5 keys, stainless steel


ARNY Rim –is a surface mounting electromechanical lock. It has the function of remote opening, which allows you to connect it to the doorphone system or any other access and control system. This electromechanical lock is suitable for mounting on gates, metal, metal and plastic, or wooden doors.

ARNY Rim Design

The body of electromechanical lock is made of stainless steel. The internal parts are protected with oxidized coating, due to which the device can be used outdoors. The mechanism has a double cylinder and a powerful spring. Bolt is equipped with a roller.

The symmetry of the scraping part allows to mount the lock on both the right-hand and left-hand doors. Dead bolt can be easily moved to the position corresponding to the direction of the door. If lock installation the door is closed too tightly or the sound is too loud when opening the door, adjusting of the spring compression is needed.  To do this, it will be enough just to loosen the nut at the end of one of the bolts.

The external removable secret mechanism is designed in such a way that the lock can be mounted on the door of any material with different thickness of the canvas. The presence of the internal secret mechanism allows you block the internal opening button.

ARNY Rim electromechanical lock operation

There are three ways to open the lock:

  • From the outside with the help of key.
  • From the inside with the help of mechanical button on the front panel.
  • Remotely, by feeding a coil with the electrical impulse of 12V and the output current of 2.5 A.

5 keys are included in the kit. If the lock is installed in such a way that it is easy to get to the inner mechanical button from the outside, it can be locked by turning the key 180°in the inner cylinder. In this case, the lock can be unlocked only remotely or with a key from the outside. The function of remote opening is available when connected to a doorphone or Remote access control system.

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