Operation Principle of the ARNY AVD-710M Video Doorphone External Detector

The modern ARNY AVD-710M video doorphone allows you to connect two external alarm sensors and two additional video cameras. When an external motion sensor is activated, video recording function operates as follows:

  • It is necessary to connect an additional video camera, an external sensor to the corresponding input, select NO or NC contact type on the device menu and audio signal turning on / off.
  • When the external detector is activated, the camera is turned on and recording starts.

If you activate the doorphone audible signal function on the menu, then when activated, the signal will turn on. The alarm inputs are precisely connected to the corresponding video cameras, and the recording (when activated) will last for two minutes. In addition, record can be done from the camera, which is installed in the panel itself after pressing the call button. Such recording will last for one minute