Video Doorphones

Video doorphones are special devices that differ in more advanced functionality than usual doorphones. They are necessary in order to transfer signals directly from the calling unit installed outside the room to the speaking device inside the room. Modern video doorphones are a complex of various mechanisms, which usually consists of the video camera, monitor, microphone, speaker and speaking unit, that allow you to protect the room effectively against undesirable persons.

Main functions and scope of applicability

Today, video doorphones can be notionally divided into unicast and multicast. They can be installed as for one apartment, office, entrance, as well as for country houses, cottages or several offices at once. You can also buy a video doorphone to be mounted on the entrance gate of a private residence: it is very convenient for both guests and the owners themselves due to the fully automated working process.

The price of a video doorphone may vary slightly, depending on the built-in functions and completing units. The presented doorphones can be equipped with an automatic lock of electronic or electromechanical type, a function of call forwarding to the owner's smartphone. The doorphones can differ in the way of communication transmission: wireline or radio signal, and also record information for later viewing. Infrared illumination allows you to get a good picture, even with little or no light.

Characteristics, features and advantages

Today, video doorphones are most often mounted in new buildings, as well as during the renovation of old security systems. The more advanced functionality this device has, the more security advantages it provides for users. The presented doorphones with the video function allow to identify the visitor to the fullest degree, control electromagnetic or electromechanical locks, as well as take photos or video tape visitors who attempt to enter the room without permission.

Those people who have already decided to buy a video doorphone must remember that such devices can have different characteristics. Since the camera, microphone, speaker, external calling panel, power supply unit, and other similar elements are already included in the set, it is worth paying attention to the number of subscribers that are connected to the device, the number of cameras and the viewing angle the device provides. The presence of a night mode, resistance to temperature changes, as well as the material the device body is made of, are of no small importance. Additional functions, which are usually equipped with similar devices, may be very convenient and useful.

If you decide to buy a device in an online store, then first read reviews about it from other customers, because today chances are high that you may run into scammers. You also need to specify the installation and delivery details, and if the quality of the product(s) and service is the most important for you – please, contact our online store where you will find a wide range of products and affordable prices. We will also advise you on any issue and help you make the right choice.