Video Panels

The doorphone calling panels are special devices needed for audio or video communication between visitors and hosts. They are mounted in the outer side of the building and require certain technical features. The main component units are a microphone, a speaker, a video camera, and a call button. The resented panels can additionally be equipped with backlighting, controller, reader etc.

Operation of video panels and their advantages

The operational principle of this unit is based on the following: after pressing the button on the panel, the signal is transferred to the apartment, and the device owner can see who is behind the door. A speaker and a microphone provide communication between the visitor and the host, and you have just press one button to let the guest in, and the door will be unlocked.

The purchase of the calling panel for private use – will greatly improve your safety due to the simple control over the visitors of your apartment or office. In the conditions of modern life, such precautions will not be unnecessary regardless of whether you live in a block of flats or a private cottage.

Technical features and types

The doorphone video panel doesn’t have a complicated design, therefore the classification of the panels will be quite simple. The first thing which is worth mentioning is two types of images: color, and black and white. The mounting types is also essential: attachable, cut-in or combined. The doorphone calling panel can be configured for one or several users. As for the camera resolution, then this parameter has a secondary meaning and it needs to be selected depending on the needs of the future users themselves.

As a rule, the color calling panel is more popular today, since black and white calling panels are gradually losing ground. However, if you want to save money, it is black and white devices that will be the most profitable. Device reliability will depend on the mounting type – cut-in or attachable. Today the best thing is to use cut-in models, because they have the best protection against vandalism. You can protect calling panels from adverse weather conditions with the help of special protective visors, dust-proof buttons, rubber plugs, as well as special tenacious alloys as the material of construction.

Thing worth taking into consideration when choosing a device

Affordable prices for the calling panel have made this device quite popular for security in residential or office space. Inexpensive and easy-to-use calling panel will make you feel safe, and the owners of such devices were able to check it fully. However, if you are going to purchase this device, then it is worth taking into account some od its features. What kind of calling panel is better?

The first thing to pay attention to is structural strength. If your house or office is located in a socially deprived district, then you should give priority to the most reliable devices that are well-protected against vandalism. In addition, such panels will stand weather conditions such as low temperatures, high humidity, dust and dirt much easier.

Another important parameter is the functionality of the device. Typically, the average user will have enough of the usual options, but certain additional functions can significantly affect the comfort of use by increasing it. The image quality will depend on the camera technical characteristics: the higher is its resolution, the better image quality will be. If the panel is equipped with viewing angle adjustment function, then this will also provide some advantages.

Once you are thinking about buying a panel, make up your mind about the mounting type, power settings and the number of subscribers, this will also determine the doorphone panel model. If you take our pieces of advice, you will be able to choose a device that fully meets your requirements and provides an optimal level of comfort and safety.